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Welcome to visit us !I will be very glad to see you here:-) On the site you can get acquainted with the worthy representatives of this exclusive breed in all senses --SPHYNX. These cats can be called differently : the moon cat, pussy cat, the pharaohs cat , a naked cat, cats aztecs, the cat of another galaxy and this is only part of its name. On site you will find articles about the breed sphynx, such as the " Standard of breed " and " history of the origin of the sphinx ", the pictures of our sphynx, photos of bambino kittens, you can see the photo reports from the Shows sphynxs, in which our cats participate regularly. In our cattery you can buy a kitten bambino for sales or look in the section planned matting , later to reserve of the child from the interesting pair . We can offer you a sphynxs kittens any variations in type ,color, quality, completeness pedigree and , accordingly , the price. From inexpensive naked kittens on the role of pet -darling, before looking kids , which in future will be able to receive high exhibition assessment and will comply with the requirements of the various systems. Kittens bambino for breeding will be carriers of rare, interesting bloods in conjunction with the unusual and the most beautiful colors ( odd- eyes , blue , chocolate, lilac ).Cattery Smart specializes in breeding of skin sphynx and the work is aimed at obtaining healthy and sphynx modern type - a dense constitution , good skeleton , a short head, a beautiful head with large ears , broad maximum hairless , with an abundance of wrinkles and creases on the skin . For this task in the program of uses only the best representatives of the cattery " Smart "

So the same parallel in our catteru now is rare in the world of breed sphynx -BAMBINO!!! They are even more incredible beautiful animals. I believe and am convinced that this breed great future!!!

Also we are engaged in dogs breed CHINESE CRESTED and RUSSIAN TOY DOG .Is decorative rocks , beautiful and elegant, and wonderful dogs-the company ) this year we have puppies of Chinese Crested from a very interesting pair with a unique and perfekt blood lines N'Co & Moonswift , Sun-Hee's & Vanitonia .

Kennel Smart Style will be able to offer you high-quality , beautiful of puppies of chinese crested and puppies Russian Toy Dog .

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